12 Must-Have Features in a Help Desk Ticketing System

The modern market environment requires companies to have guidance for automation tools. Particularly, service firms should put the Help Desk in the center of the optimization process and reflect demands that go beyond “registering clients` requests”. In these terms, we decided to clarify the necessary features, which modern Help Desk service should have.

  1.      Tickets Recording and Processing

A perfect service should have an extended number of features for its basic operation. Your customers probably have their own preferences in the convenient interaction channels with customer service. The more diverse means to contact the Help Desk are provided, the more clients you will be able to please.

  1.      Service assessment standards

The customer`s service level can be measured by a variety of parameters, but in most cases, the formal (i.e., indicated in the contract) assessment criteria are the feedback time and providing solution time. It is vital to control the customers` satisfaction level – as the decision on further cooperation will be made by them.

  1.      Personal Account

Having such a mechanism increases the transparency rate and openness of the service company from the consumer’s point of view.

  1.      Clients` base

It is necessary to have a full-fledged register of clients: a list of companies, concluded contracts, lists of contact persons with an indication of their job-positions.

  1.      Database

A Database is a tool that allows you to collect useful information (instructions, typical solutions, manuals etc.) and share it with all system users.

  1.      Price List

Maintain a price list of services provided additionally in the response of separate clients requests.

  1.      Evaluation of staff efforts

Analysis of this information will help to identify the unfavorable contracts or “slow” employees. Consequently, there will be an additional tool to improve the effectiveness of business.

  1.      Staff mobility

If your company provides field services – the tools of convenient work of such stuff become critical. That is why the interface of the Help Desk service system should be simple and work correctly through a mobile browser.

  1.      Mobile Application

Ideally, the Help Desk should have a mobile application for working with tickets remotely.

  1. SMS-notification

For operational interaction with clients or field staff, setting and sending SMS notifications are required.

  1. Email

Email is one of the most common ways to maintain communication with clients.

  1. Cross-cutting analytics on business processes

The system of business automatization will not bring a lot of benefit without analytics when making key business decisions. Therefore, this requirement is also relevant for the Help Desk.

Finally, it worth to remember that the success of your Help Desk Ticket System depends on 2 points: client’s satisfaction and increasing effectiveness. It is time to check them out.

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