Configuring the Support Ticket System

Help Desk systems are designed to maintain the customer`s request processing. Most customers find it more convenient to receive support via email or directly at the supplier’s web site, so most Service Desk systems are operating online.

The main component of any Helpdesk-solution is the query operation system or issue tracker, which deals with so-called tickets (incidents, bugs). The system creates a “ticket” upon a client’s demand received by phone, email or via the web site, which is put in a queue to one of the assistance service staff. In addition, the Help Desk ticket system has to include such components:

  • client base;
  • database for finding ready solutions;
  • web-portal for clients (where they can create requests and control their status);
  • the base of Service Level Agreements, etc.

What Does the Customer Want?

Configuring the support ticket system is necessary to start by answering this question. Overall, most customer`s needs are listed below:

  • technical support 24/7;
  • 100{61cf439382c3396616ad9841af95781cb88eeeeec35ee6dda1f3107f00814e4f} confidence that they were heard;
  • work via mobile devices;
  • simplicity in interaction;
  • the opportunity to communicate through convenient channels;
  • wow-effect – so that the company anticipates its expectations.

Technical support does not necessarily have to comply with all these points. In addition, some of them are useless to customers in certain business areas.

Means for Optimization

Many business processes are typical in small companies. However, it is not so easy to choose a solution suitable for them. Even if the product meets the basic requirements, some kind of “trouble” may be revealed during operation. For example, the interface is inconvenient that employees spend as much time on typical operations as they do without an automation system at all. Many points can be figured out only in practice and understanding of this fact becomes a serious barrier for Help Desk implementation.

Trial Period

To reduce such barriers, developers of Help Desks that automate various aspects of the business offer a trial or test period when you can evaluate all the software functions and capabilities. However, there is a significant amount of companies, for which the process of finding the ideal tool lasts for years. The solution seems to be chosen, tested, but in the process, it happens that it does not fit.

In order to avoid unpleasant situations, it is necessary to decide on several points:

  1.   software requirements in terms of architecture, security, functionality, and interface;
  2.   positive decision criteria;
  3.   resources and time for implementation;
  4.   objectives of the test implementation;
  5.   expected result.

Finally, we should note that changing automation tools is a normal process for a growing company. However, this should be done by taking into account the resources, time and the expected result of the implemented system.

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