Cloud Help Desk for Android Applications

The widespread Internet penetration and “mobilization” have made smartphones one of the key working tools. The service market and customer support are not an exception. Good interaction with the service company is one of the most important factors that provide quality and makes the client loyal. The share of companies using mobile tools reaches up to 15{61cf439382c3396616ad9841af95781cb88eeeeec35ee6dda1f3107f00814e4f} worldwide. This is not surprising, because mobile applications radically reduce the response time to a client request.

Mobile App Features for Customers

Start to provide service support in customer friendly and modern way! Try to anticipate your customers’ expectations. In order to simplify the request “delivery”, it is necessary to offer tools that can easily and quickly be used by all without exception.

Interaction with the client in the framework of technical support begins, of course, with the sending the request. With the mobile app, users can create new requests and attach photos to them in “a couple of clicks”. Here are some other functions available with the Help desk App:

  • Changing the status of the request;
  • Adding comments;
  • Attaching a file or photo directly from the gadget;
  • Fixation of labor costs;
  • Registration of new requests, etc.

Data Base in Your Pocket

For some areas of customer support, the database may play an important role. An Android or iOS application in the Help Desk system can be one of the means of accessing of collected information, allowing you to quickly determine if a client previously had a similar problem and whether there is a “ready” solution for it. With the application, employees do not need to call the office and distract colleagues from work to get the necessary data.

Remote Connection Solutions

Some part of the service company tasks can be performed remotely with the help of cloud solutions. Currently, customers have only 2 models of using the help desk systems: on Premise and Cloud one. The SaaS (Cloud) model is especially popular in small and medium-sized companies, which are growing quite fast and cannot afford serious expenditures on the initial stages. The issue of cloud software usage is relevant mainly in the case when it is necessary to adapt software products to the existing unique processes.

Benefits of SaaS Help desk Apps:

Here is a small short-list of advantages, provided by Cloud help desk Apps:

  • Small expenditures on system implementation;
  • Scaling – you can easily expand the number of clients who will use the help desk system;
  • Regular automatic updates and new functionality;
  • Resilience to data loss – the service provider backs up the data;
  • Availability from any location, 24/7, 365 days a year;
  • Small requirements for personnel and infrastructure (only Internet access is required);
  • Quick profit – you can start using it less than a minute after registration.

One of the key areas of our Help Desk development is to customize the system for the company`s tasks. Modern technical support should change in response to global trends. If you still hesitating about Mobile Apps creating, start from analyzing customer`s needs. Finally, you will see, what is the best solution for your business.

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