5 Benefits of Moving Your Help Desk Efforts to the Cloud

Many companies, which are deciding on moving their Help Desk to the cloud, are also looking for reasons to follow this advice. Of course, both on Premise and on Demand services have their own advantages and disadvantages. Today, we will focus on 5 major benefits provided by cloud services that probably may help you to make the right decision.  

Affordable Equipment

You do not need to buy expensive computers with huge performance and a lot of memory. Now all your information will be stored on the “cloud” and most of the services will be performed there. The staff does not need bulky PCs or laptops anymore, because now they need a compact netbook for full-fledged work.

Since most programs will be launched remotely via the Internet, a sufficient number of free space will always remain on your working laptop. According to professionals, it may increase the efficiency of the computer by about two times.

Reducing Costs and Improving the Efficiency of IT Infrastructure

Servers of ordinary companies are loaded on approximately 15{61cf439382c3396616ad9841af95781cb88eeeeec35ee6dda1f3107f00814e4f} of their capacity. In some periods, there is a need for additional computing resources. Thus, servers either stay idle or do not cope with their work. When using cloud services, this unreasonable waste of resources will be diminished. Now you will use only those resources you actually need, and the cost of equipment alongside its maintenance will be reduced up to 50{61cf439382c3396616ad9841af95781cb88eeeeec35ee6dda1f3107f00814e4f}.

Unlimited Amount of Data Storage

When storing information on the server, users can forget about the limitations of hard drives. The cloud is very flexible and automatically adjusts to the user’s needs. Usually, there are millions of gigabytes of free space available for cloud services clients. Users can run the most complex tasks since all the processes occur on the “cloud”. In fact, they can easily and cheaply work with a supercomputer without any special acquisitions.

Simplified Teamwork

When working in the cloud, there is no sense to exchange new versions of data with your colleagues – it is always available in the latest version. Moreover, the whole team that is working on the data will instantly see any change that someone has made. No one else can forget the necessary information in the office. Whether at home, at work or on vacation – if there is the Internet, then the documents are nearby.

Permanent Access

Users can get a connection not only via the computer but also by any other device that has a browser: a smartphone, tablet or netbook. If you sent data to the cloud, it will automatically save it and send copies to backup servers, which can be located in different countries and continents. It will protect your info from data loss or theft.

For medium and small businesses that provide various services (IT outsourcing, business and shopping center services, etc.), it is always necessary to reduce expenditures on Help Desk implementation, as well as reach availability and simplicity. All these features are already available with cloud Service Desks.

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